John Paul II Council, 4522 will hold its election for Officers for the upcoming 2017-2018 Fraternal Year at the Council home on May 24, 2017 at 7:30 PM sharp.  This is a special meeting—the only business conducted will be the election of officers.  The Council thanks the outstanding work of the Nomination Committee—PGKs Al Avellino, Dick Owen and Craig Delaney in presenting the following slate of candidates for your consideration:

Grand Knight:                         SK Roger Williams

Deputy Grand Knight:            SK Ramon (Ray) Venero

Chancellor:                             SK James (Jay) Moore

Recording Secretary:              PGK Dennis Brown

Treasurer:                               SK Joseph Barnoski

Warden:                                  SK Joseph (Joe) King

Advocate:                               PGK Ronald Plavchan

Inside Guard:                          SK Leo Weston

Outside Guard:                       SK Tobias Amadi

1st Trustee:                              PGK Al Avellino

Nominations for Officers for the Casey Club are:

President:                                SK Vincent (Vinny) Apostolico

Vice President:                       PGK Richard (Dick) Owen

Treasurer:                               PGK Craig Delaney

Please be advised that nominations MAY be made from the floor the night of the elections.  It is highly recommended that any such nominations be discussed with the potential candidate(s) before the actual elections begin—again the meeting will start precisely at 7:30 PM at the Council home.