Council's Future

The Future is ours to create—with God’s guidance, a vision, and a strong desire to do the right thing. Brother Knights at the March General Meeting did just that—created a future for Pope John Paul II Council 4522 as they voted on and virtually unanimously (one nay) approved the following motion, “to affiliate and move the Pope John Paul II Council to the Queen of Apostles Parish Campus.” This historic vote will always be remembered for giving the Council new life and enabling us to grow organically as part of Queen of Apostles. Now as we begin the all-important deliberations on the process of moving—how, when, where—we can also add an invaluable tool in our recruitment efforts, letting Catholic gentlemen know that when (not if) they join PJPII, their home will be their parish home as well. We all will serve the Lord, Queen of Apostles, and the Order side by side from the same location. This move will put the Council at the right hand of the priests and the parishioners and be a visible sign to all that we are part of their family and they are a part of ours.   

As always, if you have questions, comments or grounded opinions, please feel free to share them with Grand Knight Roger Williams at [email protected] or call (703) 629-3239.